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Breathless - a Courtesans NovelThe stunning sequel to Unbound! In Breathless, bestselling authors Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan will sweep you away—across continents and centuries, combining the best of all worlds in one unforgettable romantic saga.

She was “the Swan.” London’s premiere courtesan. Men want to be with her. Women loathe her success and yet admire her beauty, her riches, her independence. But when the jealous wife of her lover moves to have the Swan banished from her home on the high seas, she winds up crashed against Spain’s rocky coast with no shoes, no clothes—and no name. Taken in by a tortured, sensuous man known as The Artist, the Swan comes to know the woman she wants to be—her artist’s siren.

When Art Professor Brenna Anderson is in danger of losing her post at Harvard, the rule-following, prim professor is at a loss of how to salvage the shreds of her life. But when a new painting in the mysterious Siren collection is discovered in a dusty old house in France, Brenna does the unthinkable—hops on a plane to uncover the identity of the beautiful, enigmatic woman who is the subject of the paintings.

There’s just one hitch—the frustrating, irritating, bold and beautiful art hunter Fitch Wilder is also looking for the Siren. He’s been a thorn in Brenna’s professional side for years, but when their individual quests lead them to team up despite being enemies, a whole new sumptuous world of art and culture opens up for the two of them. And with it, they enter a realm of passion and love…

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“This deeply satisfying, genre-crossing story is certain to seduce fans of Regency and contemporary romance and women’s fiction.” — Publishers Weekly (★ starred review!)

“It’s not often contemporary romance merges with history so flawlessly. We don’t simply fall in love once — but twice. Two breathtaking plots fuse at the seams to create a focused, elaborate story.” — RTBookReviews (Top Pick!)

“Love, sex, history, and art are all found in this epic tale. A journey of survival, loss, and new beginnings. I loved it.” — Urban Book Reviews (★★★★★!)

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Awards for Breathless
Starred Review  Publishers Weekly Starred Review
RT Book Reviews - Top Pick  RT Book Reviews Editor’s Top Pick

Under the covers…

After the success of Unbound, Susan Donovan and I knew we had to tell the rest of the story. It wasn’t truly intentional to parallel the Swan and Brenna as we did with the Blackbird and Piper, yet as the first story progressed we realized that there were more questions than answers. Inspired by the beauty of New Mexico, we decided to set a portion of our story on the stunning coast of Catalonia, Spain.

Our travels to that location made the story come full circle in our minds. The beauty of modern Barcelona. The history of Catalonian castles and villages of ancient stone. Two worlds once again combined to free our imaginations to create something we felt was truly magical. To me, the Swan is a woman of strength and perseverance, wit and wile, wrapped around a core of undeniable hope that in a hard world there will always be hope, and deep, breathless love.

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