Devil in My Bed - The Runaway Brides - Book 1 - Cover

Devil In My Bed

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Devil in My Bed - The Runaway Brides - Book 1 - Cover
Three Lords and a Baby…

When Aidan de Quincy finds a precocious tot on the steps of his gentleman’s club, he is sure he isn’t the child’s father…well, nearly sure. In order to find out, he needs to find the only woman he ever loved–the one who broke his heart!

Madeleine Chandler has a secret, but not the one Aidan thinks she does. Her past is about to catch up to her again and only Aidan can save her. All she has to do is tell one more tiny little lie…

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“From its unconventional prologue to its superb conclusion, every page of the first in Bradley’s Runaway Brides series is perfection and joy. Tinged with humor that never overshadows the poignancy and peopled with remarkable characters (especially the precocious Melody) who will steal your heart, this one’s a keeper.” — RT Book Reviews (top pick)

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Awards for Devil In My Bed
New York Times Bestseller  New York Times Bestseller
USA Today Bestseller  USA Today Bestseller
Book Award Nominee  RT Award Nominee – Historical Romance Of The Year Nominee
RT Book Reviews - Top Pick  RT Book Reviews Editor’s Top Pick

Under the covers…

I wrote this book while pondering the meaning of fatherhood. What makes a father? Is it instinct? Having a good example to follow? Reading the parenting books that have been strategically left by the toilet with relevant passages highlighted in yellow? Aidan is a man who is locked down tight–until a child manages to pick that lock with a smile.

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