Scoundrel in My Dreams - The Runaway Brides - Book 3 - Cover

Scoundrel In My Dreams

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Rouge In My Arms - The Runaway Brides - Book 2 - Cover Some Mistakes Are Worth Repeating…

The child is his: Jack, or rather, Lord John Redgrave, knows it the instant he glimpses the blue-eyed girl who was abandoned on the steps of his gentleman’s club. Her mother came to his room on dark night more than three years ago–and spurned his proposal the very next day. But when Jack visits Amaryllis Clarke to demand an explanation, he receives the shock of his life. For it wasn’t proud, worldly Amaryllis with whom he spent that soul-stirring. It was her infatuated younger sister, Laurel.

Over and Over Again…

Laurel was only seventeen when she gave her innocence to Jack–and paid a steep price. She might be overjoyed with her reunion with little Melody, but Laurel won’t surrender to her desires again. Jack, meanwhile, has no wish to give up the daughter he never knew he had. Nor will he part with the sensual woman who makes him feel alive with longing. He intends to use any means possible to convince Laurel to stay.

After all, all’s fair in matters of seduction–especially to a scoundrel in love…

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“The Runaway Brides series is perfection and joy…will steal your heart.” — RT Book Reviews (top pick)

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Awards for Scoundrel In My Dreams
USA Today Bestseller  USA Today Bestseller
Book Award Nominee  RT Award Nominee – Historical Love & Laughter Nominee
RT Book Reviews - Top Pick  RT Book Reviews Editor’s Top Pick

Under the covers…

I’ve always had a weak spot for a good captivity story–but the feminist in me says they’re bad for me! So I decided to write a different story, where the person who has the key to the locked door isn’t necessarily the one you think it is! People can be locked inside themselves every bit as much as they can be locked into a room.

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