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Little Britain

This is the time of year I spend a teensy bit too much time looking for fabulous garden ideas.
(Shhhh. . .that’s just between you and me;-)

I stumbled over this AMAZING retired builder, Lowsen Robinson, and his scaled down buildings.

Can you believe the phenomenal attention to detail that goes into each and every one of his creations?

Read more [here]. Enjoy!

New Year resolutions

On the top of my list this year was to blog more often. Actually, it was to blog weekly. It’s the last day of January. I don’t think monthly qualifies as success.

So, what am I up to?

Reading-I’m glomming Young Adult fiction at the moment. Hunger Games, Gone, Uglies–all outstanding!

Watching-working my way through a long-running BBC mystery series called “A Touch of Frost.” Also, can’t seem to stop watching the new “Star Trek” movie. Chris Pine or Zachary Quinto? Decisions, Decisions.

Making-I’m knitting up a storm. I’ve made 4 scarves, a yoga-bag, an afghan, and now I’m learning socks!

Cooking-not so much

Baking-bread! I gave myself a Breadman bread machine for Christmas. It has a gluten-free setting. Joy!

Organizing-the front closet today. Moved 6 months ago and it became the “I don’t know where to put this” destination for all who helped that day. Of course, it was AFTER I finished that I found the light switch inside the closet.

Shopping-not really. Christmas shopping was fun this year but I’m not a shopper by nature…unless I’m at Staples. Or Home Depot.

Tick-tock until I can garden. I started some basil in a pot, just to hurry things along.

So, we’re all caught up now, right?


Oops. Okay, I’m putting the finishing, final touches on the book I wrote with my sistah-from-another-mistah, Susan Donovan. A Courtesan’s Guide to Getting Your Man will be released May 24th! Our cover is delicious–and someday, when I learn how, I will post it!