Duke Most Wanted

(Book 3)

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Liars, Lords & Ladies

accent Hero: Graham

accent Heroine: Sophie

Other Characters:

accent Phoebe

accent Deirdre





Plain, bookish Miss Sophie Blake only came to her first London Season to escape her dreadful home and see a bit of the world. She knows she hasn’t a chance of wedding a duke—until her best friend and object of her most secret affection, Graham, abruptly attains a title and a need for a rich wife! A rich wife she can be, if she can just convince Graham to wed her instead of one of the many Society beauties throwing themselves at his feet. Sophie must set aside her books and translations in order to undergo a complete transformation—from her ginger hair all way down to her size mumble-something feet. Only the wisdom of the famous Lementeur can pull it off. After all, Sophie must compete in world of delicious debutantes and willful widows, all intent on gaining a duke of their own!

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