Good-bye 2011. You (mostly) won’t be missed.

I have to say that last year was one of the most crazy-making years of my life. So many things happened, and didn’t happen, and blew up, and melted down…If I were to take that stress level test they had in Psych 101, I think I would score off the charts.

Today, one of the worst things that happened is coming to a happier resolve. My dear friend and co-writer, Susan Donovan, goes (almost) home after more than 6 weeks in the hospital. In the first few days of December, Susan was struck down by a serious form of strep that sent her into toxic shock. This is a condition with only a 22% survival rate!

Susan has suffered grave illness and near-fatal conditions from this for weeks. Her health has been permanently altered and she now must deal with those issues–yet I am full of joy. We came close to losing her uncountable times. Today, Susan is finally going to be able to return to her hometown in Maryland, although she has to stay in a rehab facility for a while.

As writers, Susan and I are going to have to rework our plans to write together–not cancelled, just postponed! The follow-up novel to A COURTESAN’S GUIDE TO GETTING YOUR MAN is being put on hold for now, until Susan is well enough to write A MISTRESS’S GUIDE TO HAVING IT ALL with me.

For those of you who are Susan Donovan fans, don’t worry–Susan’s naughty, razor-sharp humor is quite intact! Her body might be down for a while, but her mind is still in the game! I can’t wait to work with her again soon. In the meantime, I’m just going to be her friend and give up a little sack-dance now that she’s on her way to recovery!

To a better and healthier 2012 for us all!