New blog!

This is the official first post of my new blogspot. Older blogs will still be available for viewing on

First, the blog design. I love to do collage but I’m not very computer able, so I composed the header of this blog with my web-savvy friend Joy Stefan (visit to learn more about Joy!).

The background we found at the fabulous which I highly recommend. Even I could figure out how to use the background because of SB’s easy tutorials.

At the moment I am busy finishing up SCOUNDREL IN MY DREAMS, the third book in my Runaway Brides trilogy. Due to one passionate night, Jack and Laurel had a child. Now Melody needs a real family and Jack and Laurel need to heal the pain of the past. Unfortunately, the passion of the present even exceeds that wicked flash of lust, causing more problems than it solves!

The journey to learn the truth of Melody’s origins has been a fun one. I love my crew of wacky characters at Brown’s Club for Distinguished Gentlemen! How wonderful to bring everyone full circle in the end.

Take care and thanks for reading!