These two are by far one of the most popular pair of lovers 

I have written. Nathaniel, with the tragic sacrifice of his 
honor for the good of the Crown?  And Willa–quirky, 
brilliant, jinxed, steadfast Willa!–who never ceases to believe
in him? 



Four dangerously elite spies who answer 

only to the King will sweep readers into 

court intrigue and society scandal, into 

ballrooms and bedrooms. They are…

The Royal Four.

Lovely, highborn Willa Trent was an orphan, raised 
by a local, somewhat odd family in the country who 
want nothing but the best for their girl. So when she 
drags home the unconscious man she accidentally 
downed with a slingshot, they arrange a hasty marriage 
and pack the couple off with best wishes. Armed 
with a groggy husband and a new future, Willa’s 
optimism has no limits…until she discovers the 
secret, dangerous world or Nathaniel Stonewell, 
Earl of Reardon, a.k.a. “Lord Treason.”

Though Nathaniel is reviled by most of England for 
his devious plot against the Crown, he is, in reality, 
a member of an elite cadre of secret royal defenders 
on a daring undercover mission. He must keep his 
secrets at all costs, especially from Willa. And yet, 
he is enchanted…though he stubbornly refuses to 
surrender to his passion. Far better, he tells himself, 
to turn his back on love than risk everything for it. 
Luckily, his bride has other plans…

accent Quotes:

“Warm, witty, and wonderfully sexy.”
—Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author

accent Under the covers:

“The kernel of To Wed A Scandalous Spy grew from 
the second book I wrote but never published–a story 
I called An Uncommon Fancy. There is very little of 
that story left in TO WED A SCANDALOUS SPY, except 
for the character of Willa. I just love her. I’ve always 
been the one to stop and watch the ants, so I related 
to her fascination with all things wild. Nathaniel has 
been waiting for three books to find some peace 
from his fate as scapegoat for all the things that went 
on in The Impostor, so I was really glad to give him 
a love of his own. Ah, so many men, so little time…”

accent Portraits of our lovers:


Nathaniel Stonewell, Lord Reardon, is known far and 
wide as “Lord Treason.” Handsome, wealthy and 
reviled by everyone he meets. For the rest of his 
life, he will be defined by one infamous act, no 
matter what sort of man he is now.

Wounded by his family’s rejection, isolated by 
society’s rebuff, exiled from his own class, there 
is nothing left for Nathaniel but the hunt for the 
man who ruined his life and cut him off from 
happiness forever.

For what sort of woman would ever tie herself 
to a traitor?


Willa Trent isn’t the simple country miss she appears to 
be. Instead, this curvaceous disaster-in-a-dimity-dress 
is a force of nature who will not be refused. Orphaned 
young and raised by her entire village, she has torn 
through the entire populace of bachelors for miles 
around, leaving unintentional damage and destruction 
in her wake.

Calling Willa accident-prone would be like calling 
Napoleon naughty–it simply doesn’t cover it. So when 
the village discovers the one man Willa can’t maim or 
mutilate, they arrange a firm but forceful wedding 
at once.

Wed to a stranger, taken from her home, faced with 
his past, Willa must decide whether to stand by her 
man–or run for her life!

Then again, I said she wasn’t quite who she 
appears to be…