What can I say about this couple–except that 
I knew someday I’d have to write a book about a man who needs help with an ENORMOUS problem! 🙂 Luckily, Olivia is woman enough for the job!


They are known simply as the Royal Four—

but there is nothing simple about the elite 

band of spies who serve the Crown in secrecy. 

Their missions are dangerous, their love 

lives are scandalous…and each man in the

Royal Four has his own secrets. 

This is the story of the spy known as 

The Lion…

Olivia Calwell’s new husband, Dane, is everything she could have hoped for in a man. The handsome Lord Greenleigh is charming, debonair, even a bit mysterious…and just thinking of their wedding night makes Olivia blush with pleasure. Yet she can’t help but wonder what exactly Dane does all day. His hushed meetings with strangers, his odd comings and goings—it is all enough to drive Olivia mad! Could her beloved new husband be involved in 
something dangerous? Could he even be spying for France?

Spy Dane Calwell knows the new Lady Greenleigh is poised, well-educated, and utterly captivating. But he’s just discovered that Olivia is also the most curious creature he has ever met! Most wives don’t 
give a whit what their husbands do all day. Why must Olivia ask so many questions—and meddle in matters that do not concern her? Truth be told, Dane finds Olivia’s quick mind enchanting. But 
when Olivia gets too close to the mission at hand, Dane must try to stop her before it’s too late—or risk losing his beautiful wife forever…

accent Quotes:

another wickedly sensual, deliciously witty delight.

accent Under the covers:

“The inspiration for Dane Calwell came from his title—
The Lion. I saw a big, blond Viking god of a man, one 
who took himself and his duty way too seriously. 
Olivia came from my own experiences as a certified 
klutz. Like me, she is vulnerable to the world’s opinion 
and armed only with her wit in defense. The story 
came together when I thought about those Society 
marriages, when the person you live with is a virtual 
stranger, yet you are tied to them for the rest of 
your life! What happens when you truly get to 
know them, when you find out that you 
married the mask, not the man (or the woman)?”

accent Portraits of our lovers:


Dane Calwell, Lord Greenleigh, is precisely what he appears to be…a giant among men, a golden Viking lord who rules his domain with an iron hand. But even a man such as that 
might have a secret…or two.

Dane is the Lion, one of the Royal Four, a select group that is the power behind–and above–the throne. It is the duty of the Four to maintain an 
unremarkable way of life, which means Dane is looking for a suitable wife. He would prefer someone who is not too beautiful, or too curious, or too outrageous, or too inclined to make him fall in love–

Then again, he needs a sturdy sort, a woman of substance who can handle–well, even giants have their problems, and Dane’s problem is a big one. Really, really big…


Lady Olivia Cheltenham isn’t the only young lady on the Marriage Mart–or the prettiest, or the wealthiest, or the most proper–so her desperate, destitute mother will do anything to bring her to the right gentleman’s attention, even if that means throwing her own daughter into the Thames.

And quite frankly, independent, athletic, country-bred Olivia would rather swim for her life in the filthy Thames than try to wade through one more deadly boring Society ball. So when the target–er, eligible bachelor–tries to rescue her, she’d rather not, thank-you-very-much. Until of course, he starts to drown and she must rescue him instead.

Wet, exhausted and barely conscious, Olivia finds herself in the arms of a man who thinks she’s perfect–that is, perfect for a man who has no intention of falling in love with his proper, demure society wife. Too bad Olivia doesn’t find that out until after she’s married…