When Stanton first meets Alicia, she is covered in oatmeal. Things go swiftly downhill from there! 😉


Elite spies, secret defenders of the king, The Royal Four are unsurpassed in courage, honor, and daring. Known to his brothers-in-arms as The Falcon, Lord Wyndham is the most secretive and aloof of the four. But when The Falcon meets the impetuous Lady Alicia, he discovers a soul mate whose hidden fire matches his own….

Lady Alicia Lawrence was cast out of polite society 
and branded a liar for a youthful mistake. When she 
overhears details of a conspiracy that could affect 
her country’s fate, she turns to the one person who might believe her—Stanton Horne, Lord Wyndham. Posing as Wyndham’s mistress in order to root out the enemy, Alicia is drawn into an uneasy  partnership…and a wildly seductive liaison.

Lord Wyndham’s uncanny ability to detect lies has made him a valuable member of the Royal Four, but in matters of romance it has proven a distinct liability. Alicia is the only woman whose thoughts he cannot read… and the only one whose sensual touch quenches every secret desire. As the mission grows more dangerous and more personal, and each encounter with Alicia more fiery than the last, this daring spy must face his greatest challenge yet—learn to trust the passion in his heart…

accent Quotes:

Thrilling up to the last page, titillating from one 
sexually charged love scene to the next and captivating 
from beginning to end, the last of the Royal Four 
series displays Bradley’s ability to tell an involved, 
sexy story. If you haven’t yet read a Bradley novel, 
let yourself be seduced by the mistress of the genre!
—Romantic Times

Have you discovered the bawdy charms of 
Celeste Bradley? Laced with intrigue and adventure, 
she has quickly become a staff and reader favorite 
and with each book we just fall further in love with 
her characters. This is the final book in the superb 
Royal Four quartet, with her most dangerous 
deception yet!
—Rendezvous Books

accent Under the covers:

A friend of mine has a phrase that really pegs a 
certain type of guy. She calls them “crowbar” men, 
because you can’t get their feelings out of them 
with anything short of 18 inches of steel and applied 
leverage. Stanton Horne is this sort of man–a bloke 
so buried beneath himself that even he doesn’t know 
what he needs! Lady Alicia, on the other hand, is 
just the sort of girl to keep a crowbar handy in her 
reticule. She never lets Stanton get away with 
anything, therefore providing him with what 
women call “growth opportunities” and men call 
“twisted feminine torture!”

This book is about truth and lies. I’ve come to 
realize that the ones you tell yourself are the 
hardest to see through. Maybe we could all use 
a crowbar once in a while.

accent Portraits of our lovers:


Stanton Horne, Lord Wyndham, is quite sure that life–or more specifically, love–has ruined his comrades in the Royal Four. As the Falcon, Stanton is the guardian 
of the integrity of the Crown, from the ruler himself if necessary. Cool and remote, ever watchful, Stanton takes his duty very seriously.

When surfaces a witness to a plot that might include the capricious Prince Regent himself, it is Stanton who 
puts himself to the ultimate risk–that is, engagement to be married–in order to bring back into Society a 
woman considered to be dangerously false and a complete stranger to the truth.

Then again, there’s no chance that he could ever fall in love with someone so completely without honor or integrity!


Lady Alicia Lawrence isn’t about to let her exile from society make her bitter–well, not completely bitter. After all, she has her survival to attend to, cut off from her family as she has been. There is little time 
to think about how she was seduced and betrayed by the man she thought she loved. At least poor and ruined as she is, there’s no danger she’ll be making that mistake again!

When she accidentally overhears a group of conspirators, she does her duty by reporting it to someone who cares, then goes about her poverty with good conscience.

When a wealthy, devastatingly handsome man comes to her door and involves her once again with Society and all its cares–well, by God, if she must go back, she’s going to go back in style!