Dudes who Duel

The predicaments Regency Era men got themselves into…

Men. Bored rich men. Bored rich drunk men with prickly self-esteem + guns = dueling.


So not sexy to me. Seriously? Here’s an idea. How about we get two macho men to compete for a woman with housework? The man who shoots the most laundry into the washing machine wins the bride!! He who swings the best Dyson gets the girl! Put them in front of the judges on Chopped to see which one is the best cook!

Now that would make my knees weak, I guarantee!

I’ve picked out a nice article if you want to know some factuals about the dueling days.

To Punish or Defend? The Regency Duel

Ermagerd, check it out! They have a Jane Austen app!

And here’s my lovely Firearms: An Illustrated History , for all things that go bang–because I might roll my eyes at dueling, but I do love to shoot stuff (and blow stuff up!)

And this is in all fairness, because it’s possible that I need more than just a feminine perspective…

why men like to shoot each other