I finished!

SCOUNDREL IN MY DREAMS is done! The revisions are nearly finished and the story is everything I wanted it to be. It’s such a different story for me. I hope everyone enjoys Jack and Laurel as much as I did. I had sooo much fun with all my imaginary friends at Brown’s Club for Distinguished Gentlemen and little Melody.

Melody, as some of you know, was inspired by a real little girl. Frankie Jean is a sweet, funny, mad little thing who talks a mile a minute and travels even faster. “Richochet” is a word that comes to mind. I took video of FJ when she was just three and I kept watching it during this writing process, reminding myself what 3yrs on wheels really looks like.

I hope to post a drawing of my vision of Melody on my website soon. Chubby cheeks, dark curls and big blue baby eyes that turn grown men into pudding.

If you’ve been following the trilogy, you know that in the future segments Melody is about to get married. I’ve decided not to tell the story of Melody’s courtship in the trilogy itself, but rather do a proper job of it in a novella. The story is completely adorable and I’m very eager to write it. I’m talking to my editor about that currently but I will let you know when that will become available.

SCOUNDREL will be released in late September (practically October!). If you’d like to receive the newsletter be sure to go to my website at CelesteBradley.com and enter on the contest page. I only sent out announcements when something major is happening and I’ll never sell your email to a Viagra distributor so go ahead and sign up for the enewsletter when you get the confirmation email! 🙂