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Who is the impostor?

It isn’t easy moving about Society dressed like a dandy–
especially when one is a ruthless spy. But that’s precisely 
the latest mission for Liar’s Club master Dalton 
Montmorency. Dalton is posing as Sir Thorogood, the 
elusive cartoonist whose scathing political caricatures 
have all of London abuzz. The true identity of Sir 
Thorogood is a mystery, and Dalton hopes that 
impersonating him will flush out the real menace 
before his cartoons do further damage to the 
government. Now, if Dalton could only find a way 
to get the irksome, yet oddly appealing widow 
Clara Simpson off his trail…

When Clara meets Sir Thorogood at a ball, she’s 
certain he is an impostor–because she’s the true 
Sir Thorogood. Secretly penning the cartoons under 
the frothy nom de plume, Clara hopes to save 
enough money so that she can leave her in-laws and 
find a new life. Now she is determined to reveal 
an impostor’s identity–and that means doing some 
undercover work herself. But pretending to be 
someone you’re not has a funny way of making a 
woman do things she wouldn’t ordinarily dream of–
even if it drives her straight into the arms of her 
devilishly handsome adversary!

accent Quotes:

“Readers will race through this delightful comedy 
of errors and eagerly anticipate the next installment.”
—Publishers Weekly”

“With delicious characters and a delectable plot, 
Bradley delivers another enticing read.”
—Romantic Times magazine

accent Under the covers:

“The Impostor came from one woman’s obsession with 
Dalton Montmorency. My editor had a complete crush 
on him and demanded that his story come next. I 
actually dedicated the Impostor to her! When it came 
time to choose his match, the quiet, wry Widow 
Simpson from The Pretender kept coming to mind. 
She wasn’t in it for more than a few paragraphs, but 
she wouldn’t go away. Her name was originally Clara, 
but I had changed it to Harriet because I thought it 
would be fun to have all my heroines have awful 
names like Agatha. When I began The Impostor, I 
couldn’t make Harriet real. In the eleventh hour, 
right before The Pretender went to press, I went 
back through it and changed Harriet back to Clara, 
thus saving The Impostor from the weird fate of 
having a “dead” heroine. Once she became Clara 
again, she was happy to come to life in the story. 
If you should ever happen to get your hands on an 
Advance Reading Copy of The Pretender, you’ll find 
that the Widow Simpson is still Harriet in that version. 
The poor thing…what was I thinking?”

accent Portraits of our lovers:


The Widow Simpson has a secret–and it isn’t simply 
that she resents living on the charity of her late husband’s 
social-climbing sister. Clara Simpson has a mission, to 
use her drawing talents to expose the evils of the 
upper classes in a popular series of political cartoons, 
known to the public as the work of “Sir Thorogood.”

But when the artist becomes a target, Clara isn’t sure 

who she can turn to, or who to run from–the 
government who resents her agenda, the villains
 she has exposed, or the obnoxious, arrogant dandy 
who has begun to call himself Sir Thorogood.

Then again, she can’t stop thinking about 

the blasted man…


Dalton Montmorency, Lord Etheridge–about as highborn 
as one could wish.

Handsome, determined and very nearly reclusive. Some 

say he’s cold, even intimidating…and they’re right! 
Orphaned young, he came into his title at the age of 
twelve and spent the next twenty-odd years becoming
 one of the most powerful men in England. His influence
 is broad and so are his shoulders.

You wouldn’t think a man like that had anything to prove, 

but you’d be wrong…