Almost done!

I’m soooo close to finishing SCOUNDREL IN MY DREAMS! I keep thinking “a few more pages” and then I realize that there is another scene to fill in. It’s always this way. It’s kind of like cleaning your house. You can always find one more thing to clean!

It looks like I’ll be pulling an allnighter because I HAVE TO turn it in first thing tomorrow. I’ve been working hard on this book since mid-January but it feels like I’ve only had about a month!

Time is getting weird on me these days. This past year flew by! I’ve written two and a half books since this day last year, got a kid through her senior year (and it was a doozy!) and got another through her freshman year!

Do other writers measure their years in books instead of calendar months? Since I don’t go to a job and punch a clock, I often don’t actually know what day it is. Children used to keep me scheduled in the real world, but now they manage themselves pretty well.

I know that must sound strange. Imagine your life if you spent all your days reading, just reading and reading and reading. Now, stop and fan yourself because I know that sounds marvelous to you! That’s what it feels like just writing and writing and writing, just living in the dream in my head, except I have to sit in a chair at a desk instead of lounging in bed. Okay, I’ll admit it, I write in bed as well, but don’t tell my chiropractor!

Days stretch into each other. Weeks go by in flash. I have to put every appointment into my phone and program regular reminders as well, or I would never remember to take the garbage out to the street on Monday morning. After all, I’m not entirely sure what day Monday is!

I live most of my day in 1815, England. The rest of my day in 2010 America seems like the part that doesn’t fit sometimes.

Still, now that the book is done (nearly!) I can come back to the world. I live in a fun and vibrant city. Today my phone reminded me that there’s a concert in the park tonight! I might not make it today, but next week I will be there, on my picnic blanket, glass of wine in my hand, living in the real world again.

I love this book. I LOVE my wacky crew at Brown’s Club for Distinguished Gentlemen. I’m also really looking forward to that glass of wine!

Hugs and thanks for reading!