RomCon is winding down…

One more event for me today. The Historical Author Mixer in a couple of hours and then nothing to do but work on our new book the rest of our time here.

RomCon has been generally good. I’ve met people I hadn’t ever had the chance to get to know at larger conferences–Catherine Anderson!!! Christine Feehan!!! And the creative “games” aspect of the activities has been a lot of fun. There are really cool vendors in the “mall” area of the conference, where you can buy chain mail bikinis, get a massage and a reincarnation reading, and then pick up a lovely necklace from Bulgaria!

I did not purchase a chain mail bikini. Nope. Uh-uh. Not me. I did, however, get a very excellent massage. And bought some Shea butter. And the necklace from Bulgaria.

The bobbles that any new undertaking is bound to have are minimal. I would have liked to have my books at the table with me at the large booksigning instead of having them purchased in another room and then brought to me. I think the convention center has an odd, confusing layout and I never know where I am–although that is certainly not the fault of the event planners. This year, the authors outnumbered the readers. If you missed it, you missed your chance to have us competing for your attention!

So, much fun and some “er?” moments later, I have to say that I would definitely come back next year!