This book was a joy to write–full of drama and sexy intensity and humor! 

Seriously, a pet lion? Who gets away with that?


They are…The Royal Four. This is the story 

of the spy known as The Fox…

For years, Lady Julia Barrowby has acted the part of 
an old man’s ornamental bride, never revealing that 
she has secretly helped the ailing Lord Barrowby in 
his work with the Royal Four. Now that her husband 
has died, Julia believes his place in the Four is hers 
by right. But convincing the remaining members will 
not be easy, especially with Marcus Ramsay, Lord Dryden,distracting her at every turn. Somehow, the mysterious Marcus seems to see into her very soul, effortlessly satisfying all her secret, forbidden longings…

Marcus stood next in line to be chosen for the Four, and he is not willing to be displaced by a woman, no matter how intriguing or beautiful she may be. Under orders to investigate Julia, Marcus discovers her diary, overflowing with years of loneliness and yearning. Fulfilling Julia’s fantasies is the perfect way to get closer to her, but seducing this fascinating creature is fast becoming more than a means to an end—it is his soul’s deepest desire…

accent Quotes:

Bradley is at the top of her form! With high suspense, 
erotic and passionate love scenes and a plot that 
twists and turns faster then a roller coaster, she 
grabs you and holds you captive until the last deep 
—Romantic Times

The latest superb entry in Bradley’s series has 
everything her readers crave: wit, a deliciously 
sensual romance between a delightfully original 
pair of protagonists, and a captivating plot expertly 
laced with intrigue and danger.

accent Under the covers:

This book was inspired by the thought that a)I like to write widows and b)there’s no reason that all previous marriages have to be bad ones. Someday, somehow, it was bound to happen that one of the Royal Four would only find the perfect apprentice with a combination of skill and intelligence–and the sheer nerve needed to 
become a force in the nation–in someone who just happened to be female.

Julia is just that person. That alone is enough to make her a misfit in her world (because I love to write misfits, too!)

Tie that together with a whopping secret that could cost her everything, and you get a woman with a lot on her mind. Her struggles reminded me of the stories so many friends tell me, about 
the cost of being supermom and superwoman, of being everything to everyone and of having to put part of themselves (in Julia’s case, it is her sexuality) on the back burner.

Marcus, I found to be a mystery until I was partially through with the story. He is the man who has everything–except control over his own future. He can’t help resenting the beautiful Julia for her claim on the position he thinks should be his. On the other hand, he can’t help but admire her for being so damned good at it!

accentPortraits of our lovers:


Marcus, Lord Dryden, is a man weary of waiting for his chance. An unwanted second son, a soldier punished when his brilliance showed up a superior officer, a lord with no domain–all Marcus truly desires is a seat on the Royal Four, preferably before he is old and gray.

Student to the Lion, well-trained and ready, Marcus hungers for the seat of the Fox, Lord Barrowby, who died without a replacement…or so everyone thought.

Now with his dream about to be snatched from his grasp, Marcus is determined to discover more about that mysterious protégé–a creature known only as the Beauty of Barrowby.


Julia, Lady Barrowby, spent her childhood with a group of traveling players, and now plays the part of the widowed Lady Barrowby–but beneath her lovely, ladylike façade, she is the new Fox, the first woman member of the elite Royal Four.

But will the dangerous remaining Three allow her to take her rightful place or will they try to “convince” her to step down through sabotage 
and manipulation? There is no one she can trust when her world begins to disintegrate about her…
except one.

It would be ridiculous to take a chance on a man she barely knows–but there’s just something about him…