Rogue in My Arms - The Runaway Brides - Book 2 - Cover

Rogue In My Arms

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Rouge In My Arms - The Runaway Brides - Book 2 - Cover Laconic Sir Colin Lambert isn’t at all worried about the prospect of fatherhood–not if it brings the lovely actress Chantal back into his life! She refused him once, but now with little Melody to tempt her, perhaps she will return to him and be his wife at last!

The only problem is, Chantal has disappeared!

Prudence Filby isn’t as lowborn as she seems, but no one would hire a lady as a stage seamstress. Now that the obnoxious Chantal has fled without paying Pru, she doesn’t even have that income and her little brother Evan is getting hungrier by the moment!

When the lovesick Mr. Lambert offers to pay her to help him find Chantal–and help him mind little Melody on the journey–Pru has no choice but to take him up on it!

Colin wants to fly to Chantal’s side, but with Miss Filby and the little ones in tow, he finds his way hampered by mishap after mishap. Along the way he realizes that the woman he wants is not the one he’s chasing!

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“Bradley doesn’t disappoint with the second in her Runaway Brides trilogy, which is certain to have readers laughing and crying. Her characters leap off the page, especially little three year old Melody, the precocious “heroine,” and her three fathers. There’s passion, adventure, non-stop action and secrets that make the pages fly by.” — RT Book Reviews (top pick)

“When it comes to crafting fairy tale–like, wonderfully escapist historicals, Bradley is unrivaled, and the second addition to her Runaway Brides trilogy cleverly blends madcap adventure and sexy romance.” — Booklist

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Awards for Rogue In My Arms
New York Times Bestseller  New York Times Bestseller
USA Today Bestseller  USA Today Bestseller
RT Book Reviews - Top Pick  RT Book Reviews Editor’s Top Pick

Under the covers…

Scholarly Colin Lambert thinks he knows everything he needs to know about children, women and life in general. It takes a saucy little seamstress to set him straight!

I was the brainy one, but parenthood taught me that intelligence and common sense aren’t always the same thing!

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The Runaway Brides     These three ladies are the ones that got away!

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