Surrender to a Wicked Spy - The Royal Four - Book 2 - Cover

Surrender to a Wicked Spy

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Surrender to a Wicked Spy - The Royal Four - Book 2 - Cover
They are known simply as the Royal Four—but there is nothing simple about the elite band of spies who serve the Crown in secrecy. Their missions are dangerous, their love lives are scandalous…and each man in the Royal four has his own secrets. This is the story of the spy known as The Lion…

Olivia Calwell’s new husband, Dane, is everything she could have hoped for in a man. The handsome Lord Greenleigh is charming, debonair, even a bit mysterious…and just thinking of their wedding night makes Olivia blush with pleasure. Yet she can’t help but wonder what exactly Dane does all day. His hushed meetings with strangers, his odd comings and goings—it is all enough to drive Olivia mad!

Could her beloved new husband be involved in something dangerous? Could he even be spying for France?

Spy Dane Calwell knows the new Lady Greenleigh is poised, well-educated, and utterly captivating. But he’s just discovered that Olivia is also the most curious creature he has ever met! Most wives don’t give a whit what their husbands do all day. Why must Olivia ask so many questions—and meddle in matters that do not concern her?

Truth be told, Dane finds Olivia’s quick mind enchanting. But when Olivia gets too close to the mission at hand, Dane must try to stop her before it’s too late—or risk losing his beautiful wife forever…

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“Bradley adds the optimal amount of exquisite passion to an exciting, suspenseful plot. Her sizzling love scenes are the spice, and her sense of humor is the sugar in this delicious mix.” — RT Book Reviews (top pick)

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Under the covers…

The inspiration for Dane Calwell came from his title—The Lion. I saw a big, blond Viking god of a man, one who took himself and his duty way too seriously. Olivia came from my own experiences as a certified klutz. Like me, she is vulnerable to the world’s opinion and armed only with her wit in defense. The story came together when I thought about those Society marriages, when the person you live with is a virtual stranger, yet you are tied to them for the rest of your life! What happens when you truly get to know them, when you find out that you married the mask, not the man (or the woman)?

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