The Rogue - The Liar's Club - Book 5 - Cover

The Rogue

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The Rogue - The Liar's Club - Book 5 - Cover
A gambler and a liar?

Ethan Damont’s legendary gambling skills have earned him a place at the gaming tables of London’s most exclusive homes. He has used his dubious place in Society to aid the Liar’s Club. But his latest favor to the group has not only put his life in danger—it has thrown him together with the woman who tempts him to forgo his rakish ways. Lady Jane Pennington is a proper young lady and the ravishing niece of a suspected traitor. Now it’s Ethan’s job to discover if the woman he finds irresistible is naïve to her uncle’s deceit—or guilty of treason against the Crown…

Jane can barely wait for the Season to end—until she meets Ethan Damont. After a humiliating first encounter, Jane expects a scoundrel like Ethan to joke at her expense. Instead, he behaves like a perfect gentleman. But just as Jane finds herself overcome by her desire for Ethan, he takes her captive. Suddenly, she is pulled into a dangerous world where it’s impossible to know who is friend and who is foe. Will this rogue prove to be her undoing…or the love she has always longed for?

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“Once you’ve read a Liar’s Club book, you crave the rest in the series!” — RT Book Reviews

“Filled with suspense and romance!” — The Best Reviews

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Awards for The Rogue
USA Today Bestseller  USA Today Bestseller – my first bestseller!   🙂

Under the covers…

Ethan Damont originally appeared in the first draft of my first novel, Fallen. He was eventually cut in favor of Eric Calwell, another handsome secondary character. Still, I dearly loved Ethan and saved those few pages that contained him, tucking them away into my files for four years. I resurrected him to play a supporting role in The Charmer and this time he refused to go away. Instead, he came out swinging, demanding his own book and his own lady-love. What could I do? Ethan’s irresistible!

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