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Her wicked dreams…

When Izzy went to bed, she never expected to awaken to disgrace. Of course, it felt wonderful…warm hands on her flesh, rough stubbled skin on her cheek. It all seemed some wonderfully wicked dream. But that hardly mattered to the ton. To them she was ruined, for Lord Eppingham Julian Blackworth had been discovered in her bed and she’d claimed him as her own.

She had not wanted to trap the handsome rake into wedlock. Though she might want to fall forever into his golden-brown eyes, marriage to any man was not something she sought. It had been something in his touch, his kiss. Something that had called out to her to protect Julian from his own ruination by placing herself in the way. If to save this man meant to be fallen, so be it. And in saving him, she just might save herself.

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“A fabulous first…this author knows how to write.” — All About Romance Reviews

“This is an entertaining romp of misconceptions and misunderstandings about love. Celeste Bradley uses humor to draw you into the story as her double entendres catch you off guard. She is a new voice to watch.” — RT Book Reviews

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Awards for Fallen
Book Award Nominee  RWA RITA Award Nominee – Best First Book

Under the covers…

Fallen was the first thing I ever wrote in my life, except for several notebooks full of bad teen poetry. For me, this book will always be about Izzy, who is still one of the best characters I ever wrote. Deep down inside, I think I’ve always believed she is real. I had no idea what I was doing, had never taken a writing class, had never read a how-to book or joined a writer’s group. I just picked up a pen and started to write. I couldn’t do it fast enough longhand, so I took a week off and taught myself how to type, because I had to keep going. This story just came straight from the gods, I guess. Even now, many books later, I think the gods did a pretty darn good job.

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