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Wedding Knight

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Wedding Knight - a Liar's Club Novella - (A Night to Remember anthology)
Wedding Knight

Alfred Knight will do anything to avoid a scandal–even marry a woman he barely knows.

But his bride has a most titillating secret…one she’ll share as soon as she conquers her temptation for the man she was never supposed to marry!

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“What will happen when he discovers her secret? That’s what makes Bradley’s “Wedding Knight” such a delight!” — RT Book Reviews

“A scandalous fun frolic.” — The Best Reviews

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Awards for Wedding Knight
New York Times Bestseller  New York Times Bestseller (My Scandalous Bride anthology)
USA Today Bestseller  USA Today Bestseller (My Scandalous Bride anthology)

Under the covers…

When I was asked to write a novella that brought readers back to the world and characters of The Liar’s Club, I couldn’t imagine trying to squeeze one of my complex spy intrigues into something so short. Then Kitty Trapp started jumping up and down and waving wildly at me. “I’ll do it! Pick me!” Kitty has been in every Liar book so far, and has played a major part in several plots, so I decided that yes, she did deserve a hottie of her own. As I wrote this story, the title I kept on the first page was “The Taming of the Scrooge.” Made me laugh every time I read it. And Kitty kept up her part of the bargain, giving that man even more hell than I’d planned on. Thanks for volunteering, Kitty!

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